Whether a young bird spreading its wings
or a hungry lion chasing its goals -
we have your back!

Young birds
Young birds

New to the jungle? Start exploring and make your product stand out. Our configurator helps you find your way.

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Grown lions

You know exactly what you need? Let's wrap it up then. Discover new variations, stick to your old favourites or find directly what you're looking for.

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Be bold. Go wild. Try out different materials and shapes to create unique labels and pouches for your product.

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„Sustainability is important for us – that's why we rely on compostable labels & packaging from Palamo.“

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Protect the jungle with sustainable labels & packaging
for your product

Be part of the change. Use sustainable packaging made from fully recyclable and compostable materials to wrap your products.

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Get inspired –
our jungle fever is infectious

Still unsure how your label or pouch should look like? Take a look at these unique packaging designs from our community to collect ideas for your own product.

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jungle leafs
  • slider pouch
  • slider pouch
  • slider pouch
  • slider pouch
Pouch with red label
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Transparent bottle
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