Our E-Commerce Box 2.0

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Closable without adhesive tape

This eco-friendly shipping box does not require any adhesive tape at all. Its sealing flap with additional side flaps ensures high transport security.

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eco-friendlyUV protection

Product description

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  • 1-wall cardboard box made from 70% recycled material
  • Easily closable without tape with reinforced closing flap and side flaps
  • Well suited for the transport of sensitive products and can be loaded up to 10kg
  • Perfect in combination with our recycled paper labels
Recycling level (From 1 little sustainable to 4 very sustainable)





Get your personalised quote for printed boxes (from 5,000 pcs.) and quantities over 5,000 or schedule a consultation with the Palamo team.
Sustainable materials
100% recyclable

The environmentally friendly material is 70% recycled and 100% recyclable.

High protection
Low minimum order quantity

Order our e-commerce box with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.

Different sizes
Stable closure

Secure shipping: the closure flap is reinforced by additional side flaps.

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A guide through the wild certificate jungle. This is what our symbols mean:

Compostable materials are biodegradable under certain conditions and within a specified period of time.

Materials that can be recycled and converted into new materials after proper disposal are recyclable.

Recycled materials consist of already used materials that are processed into new materials.

Plastic-free products consist exclusively of ecologically sound materials that do not contain plastics and can be degraded by the environment.

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We'll tell you what our labels and packaging are made of and how you can recycle them once they've served their purpose.

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How can the e-commerce folding box be recycled?
You can easily dispose of the box in the blue garbage can (Blaue Tonne).
Can the e-commerce folding box be printed?
Yes, we can print the boxes individually according to your wishes from a minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces. Please send us a message via the contact form.
What is the delivery time for printed boxes?
The delivery time for this is about 8 weeks after order.