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For shatterproof shipping of bottles

Compact wine boxes for shatterproof shipping of wine or champagne bottles. Even without additional filler material, the bottles are well protected.

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UV protection
Moisture protection

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  • 2 flute Kraft paperboard made from 70% recycled material.
  • High stability and resistance.
  • Easy assembly of the box.
  • Officially approved as PTZ certified shipping box (DHL, Hermes, UPS).
Recycling level (From 1 little sustainable to 3 very sustainable)




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Sustainable materials
Recycled material

Our wine boxes are made of 70% recycled Kraft paper and are recyclable.

High protection
Low minimum order quantity

Order our wine box with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.

Different sizes
Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble due to pre-cut grooves and can be closed tightly by means of a flap.

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A guide through the wild certificate jungle. This is what our symbols mean:

Compostable materials are biodegradable under certain conditions and within a specified period of time.

Materials that can be recycled and converted into new materials after proper disposal are recyclable.

Recycled materials consist of already used materials that are processed into new materials.

Plastic-free products consist exclusively of ecologically sound materials that do not contain plastics and can be degraded by the environment.

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We'll tell you what our labels and packaging are made of and how you can recycle them once they've served their purpose.

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What is the difference between 1-corrugated and 2-corrugated board?
Corrugated board consists of one or more layers of corrugated paper glued to one or between several layers of another paper or board. Single wall corrugated board is made by gluing three pieces together: an outer face sheet, a corrugated board, and an inner face sheet. Double wall corrugated board is particularly robust and stable. Here, open face corrugated board and single wall corrugated board are usually glued together in different thicknesses.
What exactly does PTZ-certified mean?
PTZ is the abbreviation for “ Posttechnisches Zentralamt” (central post office). PTZ-certified packaging is proven to withstand typical stresses during transport. This is tested under real conditions. Only if the box and its contents are not damaged by bumps, drops and heavy pressure is shipping security guaranteed.