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Our Legal Services

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Verification of products and product claims

Whether for the market launch of a product, as a check-up or just to be on the safe side, we do the test and make sure that all legal requirements are met./br>

Service Details:

  • Verification of the packaging information
  • Shelf life test
  • Analysis of the product ingredients

  • Product description

    Product details mehr
    • Declaration inspection: Inspection of the packaging and/or label. Preliminary declaration report. Post inspection of adjusted packaging & label with final declaration report. From 60€
    • Shelf life testing : Microbiological test to predict the minimum shelf life of the product. Receipt of a final analysis report. From 184€
    • Nutritional analysis: analysis of the ingredients of the product components. Receipt of a final analysis report. From 714€
    Estimated time: about 5-10 working days depending on the product.
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    Sustainable materials
    Full transparency

    Let your customers know what ingredients and nutritional values they can expect with your product.

    High protection
    Absolute clarity

    Do you know with certainty how long the shelf life of your product is? Our lab checks this for you.

    Different sizes
    Legal protection

    Our specialists provide you with comprehensive support in all legal matters with their expertise.

    Need help seeing through the label & packaging jungle? Hang in there and reach out to us!