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Our dream team

Conquer the packaging jungle with the invincible combination of pouches and labels and make your goods an eye-catcher on the shelf.

Go wild in our configurator: Choose from different materials, sizes and shapes and design your perfect packaging. If you don't have a design for your labels yet, we'll be happy to support you with our design service – otherwise you can start designing straight away.

Order from a quantity as little as 100 pieces. We ship your pouches and your labels in the same package, but separate from each other. That way, you stay flexible at any time.

Contact us for more details.

Designing your custom label and packaging is better on a big screen. Visit us on your laptop and desktop PC.

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Standard shipping (free): 3-4 working days after order

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Express shipping (10€): 1-2 working days after order

Product description

Sustainable materials
Sustainable materials

Protect the jungle and choose our eco-friendly materials as an alternative to our classic ones.

High protection
High protection

Our pouches and labels are durable. They reliably protect your goods against outside influences.

Different sizes
Small order quantity

Our jungle production is prepared for all requests. To keep you flexible, we offer you low minimum order quantities starting from 100 pieces.

Our most chased products

Our products are in a neck-to-neck-race to become your champion: compare different materials and volumes to make your right choice. Of course, you can always dive deep in the waters of our detailed pricing table here.

The Chameleon 1000 pcs. Standard pouch with paper label 500 ml
sun water shield snow
0,35 €
per unit (incl. 19% VAT) 0,29 € per unit (excl. 19% VAT)
The Eye-Catcher 1000 pcs. Alu pouch with metallic label 500 ml
sun water shield snow
0,48 €
per unit (incl. 19% VAT) 0,40 € per unit (excl. 19% VAT)
The Amazon 1000 pcs. Monoplastic pouch with plastic label 500 ml
oval sun water shield snow
0,44 €
per unit (incl. 19% VAT) 0,37 € per unit (excl. 19% VAT)
The Eco-friendly 1000 pcs. Compostable pouch with compostable label 500 ml
oval sun water
0,82 €
per unit (incl. 19% VAT) 0,69 € per unit (excl. 19% VAT)