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Order printed plug-in bottom box samples with your design

Wondering what box size you should order for your product and what your design would look like on it? Simply request a sample with your individual design and find out.

  • 1-wall cardboard box made of corrugated board
  • Stable plug-in bottom with two side flaps and one lid flap
  • Sample unprinted or with external printing in 4-color Euroscale ​
  • Resistant and suitable for shipping
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Standard box (free): 6 working days after order

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Sustainable materials
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Convince yourself of the high quality of our printed and unprinted boxes.

High protection
Low minimum order quantity

You can order your (printed) plug-in bottom box sample from one piece.

Different sizes
Plan your packaging

With our sample you know exactly what your shipping packaging will look like later.


What sizes are available?
You are free to choose the size of your sample box. We will check whether we can make the size work. If not, we will of course send you an alternative size or offer you a similar box.
Can the printed cardboard be recycled, too?
You can easily dispose of both the printed and the unprinted cardboard box in the blue garbage can (“Blaue Tonne”).