Most important e-commerce dates in 2022

January has flown by and the new year brings many dates and events that you should prepare in advance. To relieve you of the work and simplify your planning, we have summarized the most important German dates for you in this blog post. Especially for e-commerce companies, timely planning is important, which also affects fulfillment and your brand.

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Overview of the most important e-commerce dates in 2022

There are many dates coming up in 2022 in Germany that are relevant for your e-commerce. We have summarized the most important dates and holidays for you on a quarterly basis: 

E-commerce dates in quarter 1: February to March

  • Valentine's Day (14/02/2022,CW6): Even though Valentine's Day is not an official holiday in Germany, this day is a special one to celebrate love. Many companies therefore offer special deals on the day of love to incentivize lovers to buy. This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Monday.

  • Carnival: Helau, Alaaf, Ahoy! Carnival is celebrated mainly in western parts of Germany. Nevertheless, pay attention especially for e-commerce shipments, as many companies celebrate carnival and are not available as usual (Haufe, 2020). Therefore, the following dates are relevant:

    • Weiberfastnacht (24/02/2022, CW8)

    • Rose Monday (28/02/2022, CW8)

    • Ash Wednesday (02/03/2022, CW9)

  • Start of Spring (03/20/2022, CW11): Spring officially begins in 2022 on Sunday, 03/20/2022, the perfect occasion to do some spring cleaning in your online store or launch your new spring collection.

  • Start of daylight saving time (03/27/2022,CW12): After the cold autumn and winter days, daylight saving time will start from Sunday, 03/27/2022. This means: Longer days and brighter evenings.

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E-commerce events in quarter 2: April to June

After the cold winter quarter, spring is slowly breaking in April. Easter is the biggest event in this quarter and is a good hook for promotions and marketing measures.

  • Good Friday, nationwide (04/15/2022, CW15): Good Friday is a nationwide day of remembrance in Germany and is therefore not observed as a business day for parcel shipments.

  • Easter Monday, nationwide (18.04.2022, CW15): In addition to Good Friday, Easter Monday is also a public holiday nationwide in Germany. With regard to deliveries, this long Easter weekend should be planned so that your customers do not complain about long waiting times for their packages.

  • Labor Day, nationwide (05/01/2022, CW 17): In addition to Easter, the second quarter is filled with many other holidays, such as Labor Day, but in 2022 it falls on a Sunday and therefore does not affect your deliveries.

  • Mother's Day (08/05/2022, CW18): Mother's Day, similar to Valentine's Day, is used as a hook for marketing campaigns to honor all the mothers in the world and give them a small gift as a thank you. This year, Mother's Day is on a Sunday.

  • Ascension Day/Father's Day, nationwide (26.05.2022, week 21): Ascension Day is celebrated nationwide and in some regions as Father's Day. This holiday falls on a Thursday every year. Therefore, Friday is a bridge day that you should take into account in your planning to get e-commerce deliveries off on time.

  • Pride Month (June, CW22-CW28): Pride Month is celebrated in June and used to draw attention to sexual and gender diversity (Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft NRW, 2021). In particular, UEFA caused an uproar in 2021 by banning the Allianz Arena in Munich (Germany) from being lit up in rainbow colors as planned. Companies can use Pride Month to show their support. In doing so, it's important to show exactly and authentically what your support looks like and not just raise the rainbow flag for marketing purposes.

  • Whit Monday, nationwide (05/06/2022, CW22): In addition to Easter, Whit Sunday is also a nationwide holiday. Many federal states, such as Saarland or Saxony-Anhalt, also have school vacations at that time.

  • Start of summer (06/21/2022, week25): The warmest season officially begins on Tuesday, 06/21/2022. 

  • Mitsommar (06/25/2022, CW24): Swedish Midsummer is celebrated in Sweden on Friday, 06/25/2022, and can be a good hook for special offers, such as IKEA is doing.

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E-commerce dates in Q3: July-September

The third quarter slowly rings in autumn and has no official holidays. Nevertheless, there are one or two dates that could be relevant for your e-commerce.

  • Oktoberfest (17/09/2022, CW37): Even though the Oktoberfest was cancelled in 2021 due to a pandemic, people are getting ready for the new season. The Oktoberfest in Munich starts on Saturday, 19/09/2022, and ends on Monday, 03/10/2022. Especially companies in Munich and the surrounding area celebrate October, which you should consider in your planning for your German market.

  • Start of autumn (23/09/2022, CW38): 23/09/2022 is the official start of the autumn season. The cool autumn in Germany can be a good start for promotions, such as fashion campaigns that make you want to wrap up in warmer clothes or to start planning Halloween already.

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E-commerce events in the 4th quarter: October-December

The fourth and final quarter is all about winter and Christmas. In order to end the year without stress, a lot of planning and preparation is required here.

  • Day of German Unity, nationwide (03/10/2022, CW39): This nationwide holiday honors the reunification and falls on a Monday in 2022. You should take this into account to avoid delivery delays.

  • End of daylight saving time (30/10/2022, CW43): On Sunday, 30.10.2022 the time changeover will take place. From this day on, the days will be shorter again.

  • Reformation Day/Halloween (10/31/2022, CW43): Officially, 10/31/2022 is Reformation Day in Germany, and Halloween is also celebrated. Why not send a few Halloween offers to your customers?

  • Start of carnival (11/11/2022, CW45): Although the main carnival season starts in February, the fifth season is ushered in on 11/11/2022, especially in the Rhineland region in Germany. From here on, you can already start thinking about carnival activities.

  • Start of the World Cup in Qatar (21/11/2022, CW46): In Germany it is slowly getting cold and in Qatar the World Cup starts at a comfortable 30 degrees. The World Cup unites nations and is a good inspiration for special editions or marketing campaigns. The World Cup lasts until Sunday, 18/12/2022.

  • Black Friday (11/25/2022, CW47): The busiest sales day of the year takes place on 11/25/2022. Prepare your Black Friday deals early enough to be ready for the rush - not only on Black Friday, but throughout Black Week. However, not all brands participate in Black Friday. Not all brands join in on Black Friday. Many actively choose not to have a day of excessive discounting to avoid over-consumption and impulse buying. Whatever you decide, we can provide you with sustainable packaging solutions, such as compostable stand-up pouches or recyclable shipping boxes.

  • Cyber Monday (28/11/2022, CW47): Similar to Black Friday, there are many bargains on Cyber Monday, especially for electronics. If you are active in this area of e-commerce, you can attract many customers with special deals.

  • St. Nicholas (06/12/2022, CW49):  Tuesday after the second Advent is St. Nicholas Day. Although it is not an official holiday, children in particular look forward to receiving gifts from St. Nicholas on this day in Germany. That gives you another port of call for pre-Christmas promotions.

  • Christmas Day & Boxing Day (25/12/2022 & 26/12/2022, CW51): The Christmas holidays this year fall on a Sunday and a Monday. Therefore, it is important that deliveries arrive no later than December 23 in order to be under the Christmas tree on time. Please note that there may be high parcel volumes in the run-up to Christmas and that your parcels to your customers may be delayed.

  • New Year's Eve (12/31/2022, CW52): Officially, New Year's Eve is not a holiday and shipments can also be delivered on this day. The last day of the year is a Saturday this year and ends another exciting year in e-commerce.


January is over and planning for 2022 is still in full swing. This year brings with it many predictable dates and events coming up for your e-commerce business. Plan ahead and be ready in 2022 for upcoming events such as Valentine's Day in February, Easter in April and the World Cup in November. 

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Your Palamo Team <3

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