Sustainable packaging for your fashion brand

Sustainability and the fashion industry are terms that don't quite seem to go together. In fact, the fashion industry produces a large part of the global emissions in the production of its clothing. One of the problems is the lack of transparency on the part of fashion manufacturers, e.g. with regard to their supply chain, since most garments are produced abroad. In the field of sustainability, a rethinking is slowly taking place in the fashion industry, even if it is still (too) small progress at the moment (BMWI, 2021). In our paper we focus on packaging, which is part of the sustainable supply chain in the fashion industry and still leads to the highest CO2 emissions in fulfillment.

Textile and fashion packaging requirements

Fashion enthusiasts are not easy to reconcile: Some value quality and others regional materials. Despite all the differences, the trend toward sustainability is a constant, as has been observed in recent years. This is not only about the textile materials, but also about the entire supply chain, including packaging.

Recommendation for fashion packaging

Packaging plays an important role, especially in e-commerce, because your customers cannot see and touch the product directly before they buy it. After delivery, the first thing the customer receives is a shipping box. Shipping boxes are usually made of strong corrugated paper, so that the products are protected and arrive intact at the customer, no matter how bumpy the shipping was. The classic e-commerce shipping box or automatic box, which can be closed with either a sealing flap or a pressure-sensitive adhesive seal, is generally used for this purpose. Both shipping boxes are made of recycled paper, giving paper a second life. 

To put your products in the spotlight, you can have your e-commerce shipping boxes or plug-in bottom box individually printed. You still need some inspiration for your individual shipping boxes? Then take a look at our blog.

Example e-commerce carton with custom design



In addition to the shipping box, we also offer direct packaging that can also be used as a mailing bag. This saves you packaging and weight for your e-commerce shipments. For example, we offer plastic shipping bags with a double adhesive seal. The material is mostly made of recycled material and is opaque, resealable and tear-resistant. Our sustainability tip here is the paper mailing bag, which is not as sturdy as the plastic mailing bag, but is made of recycled paper and is recyclable. It is the environmentally conscious alternative to conventional mailing bags.


Recommendation for your Unboxing Experience

The packaging of your textiles should be chosen wisely. Although sustainability doesn't play a big role in the fashion industry yet, eco-friendly packaging accessories can also enhance your unboxing experience. You can also use sustainable packaging and put a smile on your customers' faces without having a guilty conscience. We've written a separate blog post that shows you the components of a perfect & sustainable unboxing experience

Packaging is a hot topic - whether in terms of sustainability or the unboxing experience. That's why it's especially important for small startups to consider the sustainability of products and packaging right from the start, and to offer consumers an overall product that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Sustainability is not impossible in the fashion industry and we hope that we could simplify your start with sustainable packaging options in this blog post.

Do you have questions about sustainable packaging options for your textiles or your fashion brand? Then feel free to write to us at [email protected] or contact our fashion packaging experts directly.

We are looking forward to your inquiries!

Your Palamo Team <3

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