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The cosmetics industry is changing: The trend towards sustainable products is not stopping at the cosmetics industry. Even if the pressure of environmental friendliness is not yet as acute for cosmetic products as it is in the food industry, for example, more and more consumers are attaching importance to natural and environmentally friendly ingredients and sustainable cosmetic packaging (Cosmetics Association, 2021). Are you new to the cosmetics industry and/or are you looking for high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions? Then read on.

What do consumers look for in cosmetic products?

As already mentioned in the introduction, sustainability is no longer a unique selling point in the cosmetics industry. Consumers are demanding more transparency with regard to ingredients and want to know exactly where the contents and packaging come from. The fulfillment of these requirements also plays a role in consumers' purchasing decisions (Kosmetikverband, 2021). Therefore, it is important for you and your brand to choose the right packaging that is in line with the values of your customers. 

Requirements for cosmetic products

Cosmetics lovers have an eye for detail: not only sustainability, but also high quality and aesthetics play a major role. Particularly in the case of cosmetic products, the packaging triggers an initial incentive to buy, as it reflects the product quality. Most cosmetic products contain ingredients containing oil or grease and are stored in the bathroom, so it is important that the packaging as well as the label are resistant to oil and moisture.

Recommendation for your cosmetic packaging

Your product packaging is one of the first points of contact with your customers, both in retail and in e-commerce. Especially in the cosmetics industry, you should only use packaging that is high-quality and durable to ensure a good first impression to your customers. Folding boxes are especially suitable for small cosmetic products, such as face creams or skin creams, as they are lightweight, have little empty space in the packaging and can also be used as an advertising and communication tool. You can choose from 2 different materials: Either chromo cardboard, which is particularly resistant, or the more sustainable alternative made of recycled cardboard. 

Are you interested in folding boxes and want to customize them according to your individual brand design? Then take a look at our printed folding boxes.

Sample design on folding cartons and cosmetic items


Not sure if printable folding cartons are right for your product? Then leave a sample print with your individual design today.


An alternative packaging for your cosmetic products is the tube packaging, which wraps your products tightly and leaves no room for empty spaces. The high-quality cardboard tins not only look chic, but can be reused multiple times. All of our tube packaging is made from recycled material and can be selected in either black or brown. Our sustainability tip: opt for the brown packaging, as this paper is easier to recycle.

Recommendation for your cosmetic packaging

In addition to your cosmetics packaging, the product labels must not be ignored, because your consumers hold your product in their hands almost every day. The label should therefore be resistant and repel small drops and moisture. Therefore we recommend oil and moisture resistant labels, such as plastic or recyclable plastic. With our label configurator you can easily create and order your own labels.
To give your labels that certain something, we recommend an additional gloss varnish or a matt varnish for beauty products. This not only looks better, but also seals your product labels. 

The cosmetics industry is growing steadily, and the increase in e-commerce companies means that consumers are spoiled for choice between many different cosmetics manufacturers. The packaging plays a major role, as it is usually the first point of contact with customers. Hopefully, this blog post has given you some initial help in planning your cosmetics packaging. The next step after the design is the creation of the print data, which we simply describe and summarize in our blog post "Print-ready designs in just a few steps - our tips".

Do you have questions about packaging or labels? Then feel free to send us an email via [email protected] or book a no-obligation appointment with our packaging experts for cosmetics.

Your Palamo Team <3

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