How to create the perfect & sustainable unboxing experience

When was the last time you unpacked a package and were wowed by the packaging? The rise of e-commerce sales, partly due to the Corona pandemic, has taken the art of unboxing to a new level: The so-called unboxing experience has become an important part of the product. The word "unboxing" scores over 94,000,000 results on Google in the "video" section and has now become a phenomenon in internet history. Everyone talks about "unboxing", but what exactly is it? And how can you leverage this trend to create your own sustainable unboxing experience for your product and create a unique customer experience? That's what we'll show you in this blog post.

What is behind the word "Unboxing Experience"?

The word "unboxing experience" refers to the unboxing of products created by an appealing presentation in versatile forms. Unboxing only becomes a great experience when the e-commerce product is taken into the hands for the first time from a special and eye-catching packaging. This unboxing experience now excites so many people that a new subculture has even emerged. So-called "unboxing" videos, in which users and influencers unpack products with an appealing packaging design, are becoming increasingly popular and giving rise to new "unboxing" trends. 

What fascinates us about "Unboxing"?

Almost everyone loves gifts. Especially in our childhood, unwrapping Christmas presents was always a very exciting unboxing experience, right? There are several factors that make us feel excited when we unbox: mainly, of course, it's about the contents or the main product, but also the small details, such as with what care the product was packed, - and most definitely the packaging design itself. The elaborate packing of the products with filling material & Co. can usually not be realized by machine, which underlines the specialness of the nicely packaged product and increases the anticipation of e-commerce orders.

Whether an unboxing video goes viral or is lost in the mass of the 94,000,000 videos just mentioned depends heavily on the viewers. An unboxing video only becomes memorable when the e-commerce product has a holistic packaging design that is aligned with the brand and the anticipation of unboxing is palpable as a viewer. Even though these points play into the unboxing experience, it cannot guarantee the virality of the video. To date, there is no magic formula for the perfect unboxing experience, but there are a few tips and tricks that we will share with you later in this blog post.

Is "Unboxing" relevant for my products?

When and if your products are relevant for the "unboxing experience" is easy to answer: All products can be put together as a surprise package. It doesn't matter if you sell electronics, cosmetics or clothing, for example. Every product finds viewers on YouTube and every consumer is happy about surprises in combination with the final product. Wondering why packaging is so important for your brand? Then feel free to check out our blogpost.
With the rise of online commerce, "unboxing" gives you the opportunity to create a customized unboxing experience relatively inexpensively. Once a customer decides to shoot an unboxing video, you get direct representation of your customer's opinions without monetary effort. Therefore, unboxing videos are similar to user testing. With unboxing videos you can find out what your customers have to say about your product including the packaging and they also show you what you can improve. Especially as a small business owner, you have the advantage of creating a personal and unique unboxing experience in just a few steps.

What are the components of a good "unboxing"?

Let's talk about the most important part: ​How can you create a sustainable, yet perfect unboxing experience with your products? Of course, more packaging means more effort in fulfillment and higher costs. Sustainability also plays a role here, as the current state of the packaging industry is that a lot of packaging is still not reused or recycled. We want to show you how you can still create your unboxing experience in a sustainable way as well, using recycled or recyclable cardboard boxes, filling materials and add-ons. So, let's start with the first package your customer sees when your e-commerce package arrives at his or her home: 

Component 1: Shipping box

You are probably familiar with the brown shipping boxes made of recycled paper or cardboard that most products are shipped in. This type of packaging is called secondary packaging because it is the second packaging of your product and protects the product from external influences. 

With the shipping box, you have several options to customize your packaging. The packaging design plays an important role. The shipping box should coordinate with all the components of your product packaging, reflect your product and brand, and be made of recycled material. In our blog post"5 creative ideas for your individual e-commerce boxes" we go more into detail on this topic and provide you some inspiration. How about, for example, printing your logo or a special pattern that has a direct connection to your products? If you are interested in customizable shipping boxes, just have a look at our online store or let us advise you personally. The rule of thumb with custom printed shipping boxes is simply that they should be eye-catching and represent your product. On the topic of sustainability, we also have a tip: Print on no more than 50% of your shipping boxes and preferably in low saturation so that your packaging can be recycled more easily.

Example: Printed shipping boxes

Component 2: Silk paper

After the shipping box, silk paper is the second component of an impressive unboxing experience. Once your customer has opened the package, which can unfortunately get a little out of shape depending on the shipping, silk paper gives you great assurance that the package will arrive at your customer's door exactly as planned. This means that your silk paper will be smooth around your product. Again, there are recyclable silk paper alternatives that ensure the material can be recycled. When it comes to design, you can let your creativity run wild: You can have your silk paper printed with your logo, for example, or customize the color entirely to your liking. How about white silk paper to perfectly set off your woman's fashion? Of course, the silk paper should not get out of shape and still has the task of protecting the product. Therefore, we recommend using small labels to close the silk paper. 

Example: Recyclable silk paper as filling material for your unboxing experience

Component 3: Sizzlepak

Sizzlepak, also called paper wool, is a filling material made of narrow strips of paper cut into zig-zag shapes. Sizzlepak fills package voids and provides your product with stable support in the package. Sizzlepak is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Therefore, as a filling material, it is a real alternative to plastic filling material and simplifies the disposal process for your customers. Sizzlepak can be used universally and nestles into any product. You can find an example on our Instagram account, where we regularly create wrap videos.

Example: Sizzlepak as filling material for your unboxing experience


Component 4: Small gifts

In addition to the 3 main components of your unboxing experience, small gifts, such as a card with a personal greeting, a small gift, or a small product sample, completes your unboxing experience. It shows your customers that you value their support and can offer a big plus over larger companies. In addition, a personalized card creates closeness to your customers in the wide world of e-commerce.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can create a personal unboxing experience for your customers and make it sustainable. Unboxing is a relevant trend that can benefit your e-commerce and give you direct feedback on your products. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your personal unboxing experience now. Need help or some inspiration? Feel free to contact us via [email protected] or visit our Instagram account for more packaging inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you!


Your Palamo Team <3

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