New features: Multiple designs without upcharge and dynamic label sizes

Palamo is growing: we are constantly expanding our product portfolio to provide you with a wide range of packaging, labels, accessories and services. 

Therefore, we now have two new features in the labels section. You can now:
1. Order multiple label designs at no extra charge
2. Punch individual shapes

What do the new features mean for you?

Both features offer you more flexibility and customizability in your label printing.

Multiple label designs at no extra charge: This feature now allows you to create multiple label designs within one order.
Custom Label Shapes: We can now print your custom shapes, giving you the option to print beyond standard shapes like square or round.

Multiple label designs at no extra charge

Instead of just one design, you can now upload multiple labels to our Fast Track Configurator and process multiple orders in one order process. Benefit from a lower price for larger order quantities without having to pay attention to the minimum order quantity per design.

Example: Multiple designs for Christmas

In what situations are multiple designs helpful?

  1. Christmas Labels: Christmas is coming and you want to put different Christmas labels on your shipping bags or release limited editions of your product for the holidays? That's no problem with our new feature. We'll print all your desired label designs at no extra charge.

  2. Different varieties of a drink: You want to distribute your own drinks and plan several varieties? Then different label designs for the different flavors will help you, such as the colors red for cherry and green for lime. You can find out more about this exciting topic in our articles on beverage packaging and bottle labels.

  3. Seasonal labels: Create special editions with different designs depending on the season. For example, you can order yellow labels for your summer edition and red labels for your Christmas edition.


Labels with individual shapes

Go wild: Whether oval, oblong or heart-shaped labels - thanks to our new laser punch, we can print all imaginable special shapes aside from the circle or square. Just contact us for a personal consultation for your individual label shapes.

Example: Custom label shape

How does laser die cutting work?

Laser die cutting is a thermal cutting process that does not require any prefabricated cutting dies and processes orders digitally. The precise operation of the laser die cutter makes it possible to unwind filigree die cuts and punch out special shapes, such as triangles or organic shapes.

In what situations are custom label shapes helpful?

Custom label shapes make your design stand out from the competition. Die-cut letters for your logo, your beverage label in the shape of a speech bubble or your honey label with an integrated freshness seal (also called a guarantee seal) - your possibilities are (almost) endless!

With our new products and services, you can now find your way through the packaging and label jungle even more easily. You want to start directly with your label order? Then take a look at our label configurator. For all other questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at [email protected]. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your Palamo Team <3

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