5 creative ideas for your individual e-commerce boxes

Can you still remember the last new product you bought or wanted to try? Most purchasing decisions are not only made rationally, but also emotionally, which depends heavily on product packaging. In our blog post "Why packaging is so important for your brand" we go into more detail on this topic. 

In the e-commerce world, therefore, not only direct product packaging but equally e-commerce shipping boxes play an increasingly important role in the unboxing experience, as we first hold the packaging in our hands and then the actual product.

In this blog post, we'll show you 5 creative ideas on how to design your individual e-commerce boxes to perfectly showcase your products.

Why do individualised packaging play an increasingly important role?

You eat with your eyes first. Product packaging is becoming increasingly relevant due to its versatility. They serve to protect the product, are a helpful distinguishing feature and convey a first impression of the product. In short, product packaging is a communication and branding tool.

Which individualized shipping boxes can we offer you?

Individualized e-commerce boxes are an important part of your shipping packaging. Of course, we don't want to deprive you of our suitable products. Ourprintable e-commerce boxes & automatic boxes can be assembled in just a few steps and easily closed. Upload your design in just a few steps and order your individual shipping boxes today.

Idea 1: Usage of patterns and illustrations

The use of printed patterns and illustrations on shipping cartons attracts attention because they playfully illustrate information and are therefore more easily remembered than text elements such as slogans. Patterns and illustrations on e-commerce cartons therefore stand out well between multiple package deliveries and offer you various opportunities to integrate your own corporate design.

A uniform design of products and packaging helps you to build your brand sustainably and to leave a lasting impression on your customers. If you are unsure how your design should look or how you can have your individual packaging printed, please contact our design service.

Example: E-commerce boxes including patterns as individualised shipping boxes (Source)

Idea 2: Simplicity and plainness

Less is more: thanks to Apple, we know that you can create a big impact with simple and sleek design. With minimalist packaging design, you'll put a clear focus on the important information - the same goes for e-commerce boxes. So when designing custom shipping boxes, make sure to use only relevant text elements (e.g. your product name) and design elements (e.g. your logo or a specific symbol that represents your brand) and communicate with precision.

Example: Simple custom packaging from Amazon (Source)

Idea 3: Use monochrome colors

Another idea for custom printing your e-commerce boxes is playing around with color design. Digital printing offers many design options, including the use of unlimited color gradations. If you'd like to learn more about digital printing, feel free to check out our blog post "The advantages of digital vs. traditional printing for your product".

Uniformly colored boxes stand out in the package crowd and are often combined with the primary brand color, which mostly has a profound meaning, such as the red Netflix logo, reminiscent of the red chairs in movie theaters.

Example: Individual boxes with uniform color (Source)

Idea 4: Integrate texts on packaging

As a contrast to illustrations and patterns (idea 1), you can add direct explanations and cheeky slogans to your packaging. However, it's important not to overuse them. Individual boxes with storytelling texts convey more transparency about the product and your brand and arouse the curiosity of your customers. Texts and slogans create a situation that increases the desire for the product. Apple has also helped shape this unboxing trend with its individual and clever packaging design. 

Example: Customized shipping boxes with text (Source)

Idea 5: Coloring the inner product packaging

The inner values also count: Not only the outer product packaging can be customized, but also the inside. The coloring can also be adapted to your brand's corporate design and combined with other trends, such as text or illustrations. Although this type of individual packaging only creates a wow effect at second glance, it is aimed specifically at the consumer.

Example: Customized packaging with inner coloring (Source).

As you can see, there are endless possibilities to customize your e-commerce boxes and use them as a unique branding element. With this blog post, we want to inspire you to use the modern printing options for your products and your brand. 

Do you have questions or need more inspiration for your packaging and labels? Then feel free to check out our Instagram account or email us via [email protected]. We look forward to your messages!

Your Palamo Team <3

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