Welcome to the Jungle: materials, finishes of labels and their sustainability

Premium quality labels, flexible pouches, cardboard folding boxes & complementing packaging services - let us introduce you to the core members of our packaging product range. In this three-part series, we would like to break down the complexity of labels & packaging by guiding you through the jungle step by step.

On the way, we will dig deep into the striking features our products have to offer. Find out which of them fits your use case best and how you can create labels & packaging that makes your product stand out. 

Today, we are going on a label adventure together with: 

  • Premium quality label materials

  • Protective finishing options

  • Sustainable alternatives & eco-friendly hints

Brands have different expectations towards the packaging of their products depending on the industry and its end consumers. Whether it’s food, beverages, cosmetics or clothing - they have one thing in common: they all require labels for a wide variety of purposes. Be it for product identification, content information, barcode placement, increasing brand awareness or simply boosting sales: Customized labels allow you as a brand owner to showcase your product and stand out on the shelf and in your e-commerce shop.

Our premium quality labels are available in different shapes & sizes and with various materials & finishing options. This wide range of choices provides you with endless opportunities to customize labels until they fit your unique case. 

We know that finding fully recyclable and compostable materials is a challenge to every sustainable business. That is why we offer sustainable alternatives that meet quality and regulatory standards of traditional materials. So look out for our Palamo eco hints to customize your labels with sustainability in mind!




Our standard paper labels are our all-stars. They are highly flexible and serve almost any use case. Glass jars, wine bottles, pouches or shipping boxes, you name it. If you are looking for affordable, but high-quality labels for your product, paper labels are the ones to go for. 

Palamo eco hint: To make sure paper materials are fully recyclable, design paper labels without finishing and choose mono-paper packaging. Get our recycled paper to give your labels extra texture and a further sustainability push. Give us a hint in your request so we can tailor our offer to your needs.   

With some products, plastic foil labels are your best option. This is especially true if high resistance is needed due to i.a. moist environments or long transit times. For example, chilled & frozen foods, liquids or cosmetic products are often exposed to moisture and therefore need labels that are water resistant or even waterproof. With our white and transparent mono-material foils, there are no limits to your creativity.

Palamo eco hint: Pair your mono-plastic foil labels with 100% recyclable mono-plastic packaging and take your part in rocking the circular economy. If you are looking for an even more innovative eco approach, we also offer equally resistant certified compostable foils. Top it off with compostable & vegan adhesive to give back to our nature. 

You wanna go extra bold with your designs? With our metallic foil labels, any metallic color is possible. Make sure to contact us for more information. 

Palamo eco hint: Want to go the extra mile, but don’t want to compromise on eco-friendliness? Check out our wood structure labels! This thin veneer of actual wood with a beautiful wood grain is fully printable and is destined to make your products the star of the show!


Printing & finishing options 

Of course, the most important thing about your labels is the design that translates your brand identity onto your products. All of our product labels are printed with sophisticated digital printing presses. We enable both 4-Color (CMYK) as well as Pantone color printing in the highest resolution possible to achieve the best printing results. Read more in our blog post on digital vs. traditional printing. 

Last, but not least: top it off with our finishing options. End consumers increasingly reflect the quality of the product with the appearance of the packaging. Some brands - as you have probably noticed - create a high quality look just by adding a fancy label onto their packaging. That’s where finishing plays a major role. The finishing of a label exhibits a more superior quality and is therefore equally as important as your material choice.  

Finishing layers are laid on top of the inks to protect your label designs from wear and tear in addition to the visual benefits they provide.

At Palamo, we offer varnish coating as well as lamination film in a matte and glossy finish. Which one to choose solely depends on your preference and the overall brand look you are aiming for. Of course, you can decide on no finish at all if you wish to stay on a tight budget or don’t need your labels to be protected.

We can also support you on selecting the right finishing option for your labels, so make sure you fill us in with your requirements!

You want to see for yourself? Contact us for a sample kit including selected label variants!

In our next blog post, we will be introducing our flexible pouches and how you can combine them with our labels to create your customized packaging.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] for more information on our labels & packaging product range. We will guide you through the jungle and help you find the right solution for your brand.

Your Palamo team

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