Welcome to the Jungle: Folding cartons, packaging tapes and additional services

Premium quality labels, flexible pouches, cardboard folding boxes & complementing packaging services - let us introduce you to the core members of our product range.

In this three-part series, we will break down the complexity of labels & packaging by guiding you through the jungle step by step.

On the way, we will dig deep into the striking features our products have to offer. Find out which of them fits your use case best and how you can create labels & packaging that make your product stand out. 

Today, we are going on an adventure together with: 

  • Folding boxes & packaging tape

  • Graphic design & legal check services

  • Palamo’s promise to our customers

Folding Boxes & Packaging Tape

Once you have decided on your premium labels and flexible pouches for your product, it is time to send it on its journey to your customer. And what a journey it will be: Thrown in and out of multiple warehouses & manufacturers, shaken through different vehicles, crossing any kind of weather - your product has to withstand rough conditions before it finally arrives at your customers’ door. 

Folding boxes are therefore crucial for getting your product safely delivered.

With multi-layers of corrugated kraft cardboard, our folding boxes form rigid and strong housing for the rough journey your product has ahead. We offer different standard sizes you can choose from to give your product a secure temporary home. Of course, you can also get our matching packaging tape that packs up your package ready to send.

Need an extra push of uniqueness for an unforgettable unboxing experience? Opt for our premium labels that perfectly complement our folding boxes! 

Palamo eco hint: Did you know that labels on your folding boxes can be a more eco-friendly option than fully printed cardboard boxes? Blank cardboard is much easier to recycle since it doesn’t contain any color and is therefore easily detected in recycling sorting machines. Make sure to inform your customers to reuse or upcycle shipping boxes or even provide options to return folding boxes to save our nature as much as possible.

Head over to our other blog posts to read more about our premium label materials and how you can select the most sustainable packaging for your product!


Service Portfolio

We want to be your partner to guide you through the labels & packaging jungle. We mean it: Our service portfolio is there to support you along your journey until you hold the right packaging solution in your hands - hasslefree & with a smile on your face :)!

We offer design and legal service bundles that tackle the challenges you might have in creating your labels & packaging. 


Our service offering in a nutshell:

Wanna get started but your design is still missing or not in the right print quality? Our design service bundles are just what you need. Our professional graphic designers are able to create remarkable designs based on your logo & required text within only a few working days. Based on your needs assessed in a personal consultation, you will receive an inspirational mood board. Choose from different label or packaging designs with matching illustrations and patterns to elevate your product design and stand out in the crowd.

Make sure to contact us for detailed information and we will find the right option for you!

Our legal services wrap up your jungle experience. Keeping up with constantly updated packaging regulations and declaration requirements can be exhausting and confusing. We have teamed up with specialised law firms & laboratory partners to offer legal checks to make sure you comply with latest regulations. We check if the declarations on your labels & packaging are correct. If your product requires a minimum shelf life (MHD) declaration, our service offers a microbiological test to determine the date for you. Our product ingredient check analyses the nutritional value of your product to offer maximum transparency to your customer.

Let us know if you have questions about our service offering, we are happy to help you

But our journey just started: Our mission is to create a joyful experience while exploring the jungle and the adventures it has to offer. Our product and service portfolio is always growing & evolving - and you can help us with it! Shoot us a message at [email protected] and join our PALAMO family to be the first to receive news on newcomers in our product offering.

With 💜

Your Palamo-Team

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