Welcome to the Jungle: Our Flexible Packaging

Premium quality labels, flexible pouches, cardboard folding boxes & complementing packaging services - let us introduce you to the core members of our product range.

In this three-part series, we will break down the complexity of labels & packaging by guiding you through the jungle step by step.

On the way, we will dig deep into the striking features our products have to offer. Find out which of them fits your use case best and how you can create labels & packaging that makes your product stand out.  

Today, we are going on a pouch adventure together with:  

  • Flexible pouch materials

  • Use cases for pouches 

  • Sustainable alternatives & eco-friendly hints



Ultralight, space-saving & highly protective. Flexible pouches are gaining more prominence in packaging. They reduce manufacturing and transportation costs, increase shelf life as well as shelf awareness of your products. And their flexibility is impressive: from dried & fresh foods to small toys or even underwear, they can hold a variety of products from different industries. 

Our flexible pouches are available in sizes ranging from S to XL and with various material options, so you will definitely find the right solution for you and can make the switch to flexible packaging as well. Compare pouch options directly with each other with palamo. for you.


To give you eco-friendly alternatives catering your sustainability goals, look out for our Palamo eco hints to select your pouch with sustainability in mind!


Make sure to read our blog post on how to select your sustainable packaging to get more information!



Our classic plastic pouches are in a class of their own. Our white, black & aluminium materials offer compelling features, i.e. high protection from light, air and moisture at low cost.  They ensure a long shelf life for your products thanks to multiple laminated material layers and can be used to store an extremely wide range of food products, including protein powders and supplements, dried foods like nuts, fruits, granola, baking ingredients like flour and sugar, or coffee and tea. 


With the last corona lockdown, small businesses and restaurants had to (re)define their packaging game for delivery & take-away. Stand out on the e-commerce shelfs of Amazon, Gorillas, Lieferando & co and create an unexpected surprise for your customers with flexible pouches as an innovative spill-proof alternative to regular containers.


Nothing to hide: Show your customers what they get. With our transparent classic plastic pouch you can boost your shelf presence. This pouch has the same protection level from air and moisture as our other classic plastic pouches. Its transparency can be used to your advantage: show off your product and create unique looks & designs with our transparent labels.


Palamo eco hint: For a more eco-friendly version, opt for our recyclable plastic pouch, currently available in matte white as well as transparent. It serves the same requirements as our classic plastic pouches, but is constructed from the same kind of plastic material. From the pouch itself to the zipper, you don’t have to worry about recyclability with the recyclable plastic pouch. Also make sure you pair your plastic pouch with a plastic label - your nature says thank you! We are happy to help you choose the right combinations through palamo. for you or at [email protected].


Our kraft paper pouches equally protect your products with high barriers from light, air and moisture. The kraft paper structure on the exterior presents your product with a more natural look & feel. 


Palamo eco hint: Meet your sustainability efforts with our certified compostable paper pouches. The eco-friendly natural paper material with a compostable film on the inside and a compostable zipper seamlessly disposes our pouch back into the jungle. Make sure to combine it with our recycled paper labels or compostable foil labels before releasing it into the wild! 

Block bottom pouches

Our compostable block bottom pouches are the newest addition to our product line. With their solid base & eco-friendly, treeless material made from agricultural waste, our block bottom pouches with or without a window are perfect for dry foods & products such as nuts or granola. 

If you are interested in the detailed material structures as well as dimensions of our pouches, shoot us a message, we are happy to help you out!

Still not sure which pouch to select? Head over to our Quiz and design your pouch now.

You can also order our sample kit to get a better feel of our pouch variants.

Mailing bags

Send your products easily & cost effectively with our mailing bags. Our plastic mailing bags with double adhesive closure are made mostly from recycled material and are 100% recyclable. They are opaque, resealable and tear resistant. The flexible material of our recyclable mailing bags not only protects your product in transit, but also reduces your carbon footprint due to the small amount of packaging material used. 

Palamo eco hint: With our paper mailing bags you are going one step further. In combination with paper labels they are fully recyclable and are the best way to ship environmentally friendly. 


More products coming soon

As a customer-oriented startup, we continuously grow our product range together with you. We listen carefully to your needs and try our best to offer the perfect solution. So, if you have an idea for a product or material you would like to see in our offering, let us know. Visit our jungle from time to time to see what is new out there!


Join our growing Palamo Jungle Mail to be the first to know about the next steps of our journey!


In our next article, we will continue our portfolio with part II of our series. Stay tuned for our shipping boxes and additional services that make your adventure in the Palamo  jungle as joyful as possible. 


Questions? Don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] for more information on our labels & packaging product range. We will guide you through the jungle and help you find the right solution for your brand.


Your Palamo team

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