Why packaging is so important for your brand


Ever seen that plain paper from one or the other online delivery giant? It's a bit boring, isn't it? 

Packaging fulfills more than just the need to protect your products from external influences and to transport them safely from A to B. In addition to elements for tracking your products through the value chain, your product packaging also carries important information about your product, which of course must comply with regulations. But above all, the branding of your product packaging is more important today than ever before. Appealing and unique packaging has become a must if you want to compete in the market. We want to share why the right packaging can make your product the star of the jungle.


Product packaging plays a crucial role in any brand strategy. Especially in today's e-commerce era, the online shopping experience is becoming increasingly important. You can get your customers excited about your brand with a unique unboxing experience at the doorstep. A simple package with a unique design can be a powerful tool to win your customers over in the long run.


Stand out from the crowd

Packaging can be a way to set you apart from your competition. Depending on your industry or target audience, you can either impress with a minimalist design and muted tones or a vibrant appearance. You can also surprise your customers with personalized designs. One or the other might be inspired to share a photo of your product on their social channels. Ultimately, your packaging alone can make customers want to buy your product again because it looks so great. 


Feel like getting inspired? We've rounded up label design trends for 2021 that will take your packaging to the next level.


Tell customers your brand story

Put yourself in your customer's shoes to create a customer experience they can relate to. Packaging gives you more than just the opportunity to show your product. Tell a story, be inspiring and evoke emotions. Show who you are as a brand and what you believe in. It is crucial that the packaging encourages people to think about your brand beyond the actual product. It allows you to talk to your customers before your products do. Show yourself, whether you're a young, dynamic startup or a brand steeped in tradition. Here's your chance to communicate your core values as a company.

Is sustainability important to you, for example? Then make sure your packaging minimizes your carbon footprint, beyond the choice of materials. 


Learn more in our blog article on how to choose the most sustainable packaging.



Use your product packaging as a communication channel. In addition to the actual product information, you can use additional labels to refer to a special occasion, a special edition or your social media. 


Packaging can do so much more than just protect your product. It can be an essential marketing tool that helps you build your brand, visually highlight the best features of your product, and thereby create a memorable experience for your customers. 


Here are some tips on how to take your packaging design to the next level:


  • Provide eye-catching packaging that immediately catches the eye and stays in the customer's mind.

  • Always remember that your product's packaging is an extension of your brand and it creates a consistent image with other product packaging.

  • Make sure your product packaging is made for the type of product you have, is durable, and adequately protects your product. Nothing is worse than a great design that is overshadowed by a poor quality packaging solution.

  • Think outside the box: not everything has to be packed in boxes upon boxes according to the matryoshka principle. Package your products in a way that minimizes waste. Reduce the amount of outer packaging and use flexible packaging such as pouches or mailing bags. This way you also reduce weight and space during transport and save CO2 for a clean nature. 


All this sounds great, but you don't know where to start with your packaging design? Contact us, we will help you with our individual design services and create a packaging design according to your wishes!


What do you think about packaging? Is it already part of your overall brand strategy? Let us know!


Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Your Palamo Team

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