Stickers vs. labels - what's the difference?

Stickers & labels - we hear these words over and over again as terms for one and the same thing. Confusion often results: Is there even a difference? Or can they actually be used as equivalents? 

We'll get to the bottom of this in today's blog article.


Stickers and labels appear to be the same at first glance: both are made of similar materials, usually paper or plastic, which are graphically printed and have an adhesive back surface. In addition, both can be produced in any size, any shape and any quantity. So physically, there is actually no difference between a sticker and a label. 

However, there are differences in use and therefore in the requirements for stickers and labels. 

Ever seen stickers on lanterns and drainpipes? Those are stickers. 

Stickers are usually only printed with a logo or saying and serve more as a design element. Often stickers are used as advertising material and are cut individually. Because of their use in a wide variety of situations, they are primarily designed without a specific end station in mind. Their adhesion is therefore less focused on the surface, which is why stickers usually only adhere to smooth surfaces. 

Labels, on the other hand, have the main task of identifying products. They serve to make relevant product information directly accessible to customers and are tailored to a specific product. Therefore, shape & size, but also adhesive & finishing are geared to a specific substrate material. Labels are also printed directly on rolls to make labeling easier for you or your contract manufacturer. This is especially important for machine labeling of your products.

Labels are therefore product labels that reveal specific information about your product and its contents and are tailored to your product packaging and its requirements.  

The use of your sticker or label is essential. Be aware that your requirements will also affect the possible material, finishing or adhesive options of labels - or stickers. This is often accompanied by the price differences you are often confronted with.

As you can see, there is an actual difference between stickers & labels or tags. Both have their unique value for different uses. We hope we were able to provide some clarity so that you know which product is best for you when making your next decision. 

We're happy to help you choose the material and finishing options for your stickers or labels, feel free to contact us with some key data about your needs! 


Your Palamo Team

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